The Truth

One has to live with one’s own understandings
One can not live with others understandings

understanding towards life
understanding towards world
understanding towards love
understanding towards religion
understanding towards every concepts
understanding towards every beliefs
understanding towards every sayings
understanding towards every feelings
One has to live with One’s own
that’s Truth

One can not find truth with books or knowledge
of mystics or others
because its already within
One have to reach there
to discover everything
The only way to know everything
the whole existance
is to know One’s ownself
there is no path to follow
there is no religion to follow
there is no way to go on
One have to create the way by One’s own
that’s why who reach there
their ways are diffrent
and who follows they not reached yet
that’s Truth

who follows never reach
who understand own will reach there
beyond past, present and future
the timelessness happen
the spacelessness happen
because of the truth
That’s the Truth

it’s not right
it’s not wrong
because it’s beyond
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